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The 10 Best Natural Foundations (For Every Skin Type!)

Suka Junin

Apr 19, 2021

Just when you thought your go-to foundation couldn’t be a better fit, these brands are making you question your favorite choice with their line of natural foundations.

Foundation is undeniably one of the most important products in our makeup collection. It evens the skin out, brightens, and provides a reliable blank canvas for your makeup to stand out.

From BB creams to full-coverage, everyone has a foundation they’ve come to know and love. Give your makeup the base it deserves by using foundation that is not only a perfect color match to your skin, but is also good for you and the environment.

These days, a foundation is more than just a tinted cream to hide your imperfections. Relatively newer brands – as well as more well-known and established names – are leaning towards providing a natural-looking aesthetic, while using ingredients that are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Without the need to cake it on, these industry-leading brands are creating foundation that you would be confident to wear as if they were second skin.

Why Use a Natural Foundation?

Most conventional foundations still contain ingredients that can be considered harmful when used frequently and in ample amounts, such as silicone and parabens.

Just like when you know it’s good to implement clean, organic and unprocessed foods into your diet, natural makeup has the same effect on your body.

With the only difference being that you don’t directly consume it, foundations with natural ingredients have massive benefits when applied to the skin.

How We Picked These Products

Clean makeup is a trend that is here to stay. Over the last few years, there has been a surge of up-and-coming brands that specializes in creating natural makeup. Our top picks derive from a scout on what’s getting the likes on Instagram, word-of-mouth, and beauty guru reviews.

What makes makeup work for some people depends solely on their own taste and requirements. Keep in mind that particular foundations work better on certain skin types more so than others, and we’ve based our skin type recommendations on verified buyer reviews of each product.


Tinted Face Oil

Best For People who don't usually wear foundation
Skin Type Dry, Oily, Combination
Coverage Light
Finish Velvety
Price $42
Price Per Oz $42 / oz

Does settling on a foundation color seem daunting to you? With Kosas’ 16 shades and their “Find Your Shade” feature, choosing a foundation won’t seem like a chore anymore.

Marketing itself as a “skin tint”, this foundation is made to enhance and embrace your skin instead of covering it up with cakey makeup. There’s nothing but natural products inside the bottle, including avocado oil for moisturizing, meadowfoam oil for plumping, and red raspberry oil for reparative purposes.

Those that don’t normally go for a dewy finish will change their minds when trying Kosas’ Face Oil thanks to its super-light coverage.


Woke Up Like This Flawless Finish Foundation

Best For Moisturizing qualities
Skin Type Sensitive, Normal
Coverage Full
Finish Silky soft
Price $46
Price Per Oz $46 / oz

Sometimes, women just want to have full coverage sans the cakey or dry look. Wishes have been answered in the form of Lawless’ foundation, which gives you a skin-like finish while still offering the coverage you need.

You’ll also turn to their foundation for their moisturizing qualities, which would work well during the colder months when skin tends to be drier.

The foundation contains abyssinica, camellia oils, and hydrating shea butter to provide the skin with the right amount of oil and antioxidants.

Bite Beauty

Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation

Best For People on-the-go from day to night
Skin Type Dry, Oily, Combination
Coverage Light to medium
Finish Natural
Price $44
Price Per Oz $44 / oz

For those constantly on the move with little time for touch-ups in between, Bite Beauty’s foundation is the way to go. It’s longwearing, which means it will last all day long. During busy days, the last thing you want is a heavy foundation wearing you down.

Although this foundation is lightweight, it’s not lacking in its nourishing qualities. It has macqui berry – a Patagonia native, antioxidant-rich ingredient – to help calm your complexion, and gentle micellar technology to adapt the foundation to your skin, providing a natural-looking finish that looks and feels like second skin.


Luminous Foundation

Best For People looking for eco-friendly packaging

Skin Type Balanced, Sensitive, Dry, Mature

Coverage Light to medium
Finish Luminous
Price $46
Price Per Oz $158.62068965517 / oz

Packaged in a unique stick form, you may be surprised to find out that this Vapour product is actually a foundation that also doubles as a concealer. It’s easy to apply and sits even better on the skin the longer you leave it on.

With untamed botanicals such as frankincense, tulsi, and lotus, this foundation also calms, soothes, and protects.

Added bonus: Vapour’s products are sustainable, made with zero water and 100% Daylight Solar. They also encourage you to send them your empties to which you can earn reward points to use in their store!


Superfood Glow Beauty Balm

Best For Maximum hydration
Skin Type Normal, Oily
Coverage Light to medium
Finish Dewy, Natural
Price $29.99
Price Per Oz $29.99 / oz

Ever had a foundation that sounds good enough to eat? Raww Cosmetics certainly has one. Like most of their other products, their Superfood Glow Beauty Balm contains some delicious vegan skin food such as their WildBerry Harvest, coconut water, Kakadu plum, and acai berry.

As it’s technically a BB cream, it’s light enough to wear on a daily basis and still have you feeling like you’re fresh out of the shower.

Range Beauty

True Intentions Hydrating Foundation

Best For Acne-prone and sensitive skin
Skin Type Normal, Sensitive
Coverage Sheer to medium
Finish Matte
Price $21
Price Per Oz $21 / oz

The aptly named Range Beauty offers a wide spectrum of shades for their hydrating foundation. The highly inclusive line includes various combinations of undertone shades, such as fair/cool, medium/tan, or deep brown/cool to ensure the perfect match for every skin tone.

Not only will you find your perfect match, but each bottle of their foundation contains calendula and cornflower extracts, which have antibacterial properties to treat and prevent eczema and acne. If you often find your skin feeling irritated when using a particular foundation, you may not feel that way after trying this one.

Juice Beauty

Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation

Best For Age-defying properties
Skin Type All
Coverage Medium to full
Finish Creamy
Price $44
Price Per Oz $44 / oz

Looking for the foundation of the future? Instead of using artificial dyes, Juice Beauty’s foundations contain their own Phyto-Pigments, which solely derives from plants. These advanced foundations also include age-defying serum technology that utilizes the benefits of resveratrol-rich grapeseed and fruit stem cells. It also has coconut alkanes, which help reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and pores.


True Skin Serum Foundation

Best For Refined and refreshed look
Skin Type Oily, Sensitive
Coverage Light to medium
Finish Velvety
Price $54
Price Per Oz $54 / oz

Keep your skin looking like skin with ILIA’s True Skin Serum Foundation. The weightless nature of the foundation allows it to be buildable when needed, while melting into the skin for a natural glow that shines from within.

Using ingredients such as aloe leaf, rosehip, jojoba and marula oils, this foundation can tame redness and irritations for those with sensitive skin. You also won’t find clogged pores or visible lines in sight with this one.

100% Pure

Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation

Best For Oil control
Skin Type Normal, Oily, Combination
Coverage Full
Finish Matte
Price $48
Price Per Oz $48 / oz

Matte foundations often result in the skin getting oily, requiring you to use oil sheets or apply more powder. However, 100% Pure’s foundation can keep that finish going all day long.

100% Pure prides itself in using its fruit pigments to counteract dark circles or hyperpigmentation and evening out skin tones. They also use the unique rice powder to absorb excess oil and control and keep the shine at bay.

Suka Junin

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