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Our Official List of 250+ Clean Beauty Brands

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Mar 9, 2021

We've compiled a list of over 250+ clean beauty brands that you can find on stores like The Detox Market, Credo and Follain.

While there's no official definition of what clean beauty means, you can read our philosophy here.

We believe that clean beauty is based on what's not in the product. We're talking about ingredients like parabens (endocrine-disrupting preservatives), synthetic fragrance, and chemical sunscreens.

We also believe that truly clean beauty should have transparent labeling so we, as consumers, know exactly what we're putting on our skin.

There's a common misconception that the beauty industry is highly regulated, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, there's a disturbing lack of regulation. Brands are free to label their products "clean", "natural", "organic" and "non-toxic" without any scrutiny. Some brands use these terms to mislead customers into thinking their products are safer than they are—a term known as greenwashing.

As huge fans of the clean beauty movement, we hope that this list is useful to you.

BrandCategoryPrice Range (USD)
100% PureMakeup, Skincare, Hair, Body6-60
27 RosiersSkincare39-65
8 FacesSkincare88
Abbott NYCFragrance75
Abel OdorFragrance70
Abhati SuisseHair, Body, Skincare18-148
AcureHair, Body, Skincare4.99-19.99
Aether BeautyMakeup16-58
African BotanicsSkincare, Body55-350
Agent NateurBody21-120
AjneFragrance, Skincare, Body25-350
AKT TherapySkincare28-82
Alima PureMakeup10-46
Alpyn BeautySkincare36-68
AmlySkincare, Face Masks23.5-107
AntipodesSkincare, Makeup, Body13-50
AoSkincare, Skincare (Sunscreen)25-75
Aurelia ProbioticBody, Skincare, Diaper Cream, Baby Products23-123
Ava IsaSkincare (Sunscreen)30-50
AyunaSkincare, Body, Fragrance42-210
Basd Body CareBody12-30
BathoriumBody, Bath9-32
Battington LashesMakeup (False Lashes)18-30
BaudelaireBody, Fragrance, Bath3-55
BawdyBody (Butt Balm, Butt Mask), Feminine Hygiene (Nipple)9-40
Beauty KubesBody, Hair9-15
Beneath Your MaskSkincare22-80
Beuti SkincareSkincare26-71
BivouakMen's Skincare and Body15.23-49.47
BloomeffectsSkincare, Accessories29-65
BouclemeHair, Accessories10.44-36.53
Brown & CoconutSkincare, Body, Accessories12-36
by Rosie JaneFragrance, Body (Oils), Makeup (Cheek Tint), Candles22-65
BYBI BeautySkincare14-34
C.LavieSkincare, Body, Accessories14-116
Captain BlankenshipHair, Skincare, Body10-28
CelsusSkincare (Scar Treatment)19.99
Clove + HallowMakeup, Skincare, Brushes13-35
CocovitSkincare, Body, Hair14-44
Conscious CoconutSkincare, Body, Brushes6-28
COOLASkincare (Sunscreen)20-52
Corp NaturalSkincare, Makeup26-50
CV SkinlabsBody, Skincare14.5-49
CyberDERMSkincare (Sunscreen)30-67
De MamielSkincare, Oils58-123
DedCoolFragrance, Body, Skincare (Lip Balm), Oil Roll on15-130
Detox ModeBody18-49
Doctor Rogers RestoreSkincare30-72
Dr. AlkaitisSkincare18-150
EcoBrowMakeup (Eyebrow Products)23-26
EleVen by Venus WilliamsSkincare (Sunscreen), Activewear42-50
ELLIS BROOKLYNFragrance, Body55-105
ErbavivaBody, Skincare (Sunscreen), Baby (body)5-28
Ere PerezSkincare, Makeup, Makeup Accessories, Nails17-39
Evolve Organic BeautySkin, Body, Hair13-39
EVOLVhHair, Body24-59
FarmaestheticsSkincare, Body, Hair, Oils18-58
FitglowSkincare, Makeup14-149
FollainSkincare, Body18-36
French Girl OrganicsFragrance, Skincare, Body, Hair, Makeup (Lipstick)14-55
FurBody, Candles, Hair Removal13.30-48
Goldfaden M.D.Skincare, Body35-235
Good Clean LoveFragrance, Oils, Feminine Hygiene Wash, Vaginal Care, Lubricants, Books6.99-29.99
goopSkincare, Body, Hair, Fragranc12-165
GraydonSkincare, Body, Hair25-87
GressaSkincare, Makeup, Brushes28-127
Grown AlchemistSkincare, Body, Hair23-130
Han Skincare CosmeticsMakeup, Skincare15-32
Henne OrganicsSkincare (hand), Makeup (lip)19-45
HerbivoreSkincare, Body12-88
HereticFragrance, Candles40-185
HERO CosmeticsSkincare (Acne)12.99-23
Honest HazelSkincare (Eye Gel)12
Honore des PresFragrance65-89
Honua Hawaiian SkincareSkincare16-82
Hope GillermanSkincare, Body26-42
Hurraw!Skincare (Lips)4-29
Hush + DottiSkincare, Body, Makeup22-52
Hynt BeautyMakeup, Brushes18-70
IliaMakeup, Brushes24-54
Indie LeeSkincare, Body16-135
InikaSkincare, Makeup, Brushes29-65
Innbeauty ProjectSkincare15-28
Isla ApothecarySkincare, Body, Hair8-41
January LabsSkincare12-87
JaoSkincare, Body, Hair10-88
JASONSkincare, Body, Hair, Dental5-35
Jenny PatinkinMakeup Brushes and Skin Tools
Jillian DempseyMakeup, Hair (Pomade), Sculpting Bar20-28
John Masters OrganicsSkincare, Body, Hair, Tote, Hairbrush, Candle8-60
Josephine CosmeticsMakeup20-54
Josh RosebrookSkincare, Hair, Fragrance, Candle26-150
Juice BeautySkincare, Makeup, Hair12-110
Jungle StrawsStraws, Bowls, Cutlery, Razors
Kahina Giving BeautySkincare, Body38-150
Kaia NaturalsBody, Hair10-32
Kari GranSkincare, Makeup, Lip Care20-65
Khus + KhusSkincare, Body, Hair30-85
Kimiko BeautyMakeup, Brushes, Makeup Bags29-43
Kjaer WeisSkincare, Makeup, Brushes, Makeup Bags19-95
KORA OrganicsSkincare, Body16-74
KosasMakeup, Body (Deoderant)15-42
Kure BazaarMakeup (Lipstick), Nails20-62
Kypris BeautySkincare, Body75-230
La Bella FiguraSkincare, Fragrance, Hair, Body, Candles40-175
La Tierra SagradaHair13-54
Lady SuiteFeminine Hygiene Products
Laurel SkinSkincare, Body24-106
Le PrunierSkincare72
Leahlani SkincareSkincare, Body, Fragrance, Salts, Aromatherapy24-72
LEPAARSkincare, Gardening Hoses17-105
Less Is MoreHair, Body, Fragrance, Hairbrushes22-88
Lily LoloMakeup, Brushes9.10-29
Lina HansonSkincare50-105
LINNE BotanicalsSkincare, Body26-94
Little Barn ApothecarySkincare, Body, Hair12-75
Living LiberationsSkincare, Makeup, Fragrance, Hair, Feminine Hygiene7-90
Los Feliz BotanicalsFragrance120
Lotus WeiBody, Elixirs (Ingestible), Oils, Essential Oils40-50
Love Sun BodySkincare (Sunscreen)13-42
LovefreshBody, Hair, Cleaners (Home), Essential Oils, Baby Products12-32
LXMISkincare, Body22-108
MadaraSkincare, Makeup12.5-100
Maika GoodsMasks
Maison Louis MarieBody, Fragrance, Candles47-57
Manasi 7Makeup58-84
Marie VeroniqueSkincare35-110
May LindstromSkincare, Accessories70-180
Maya ChiaBody, Skincare42-125
Meow Meow TweetSkincare, Body, Hair, Dental, Feminine Hygiene12-30
Modern BotanyBody (Deoderant, Oils)32-45
Moon JuiceSkincare32-58
Mother DirtSkincare, Body, Hair15-49.99
Mount LaiSkincare, Facial Rollers Gua Sha Tools, Skincare Fridge48-84
MunSkincare, Body65-110
MV SkincareSkincare, Body15-99
NaruropathicaSkincare, Body14-124
Native AtlasSkincare, Body12-89
Nazan SchnappSkincare, Body, MakeupAccessories38-320
NCLANails, Makeup (Lipstick)16
Non Gender SpecificSkincare, Fragrance36-125
Noto BotanicsSkincare, Body, Hair, Makeup19-56
Nourish OrganicSkincare, Body14.99-24.99
NuoriSkincare, Body, Hair, Combs29-215
OdaciteSkincare, Body36-165
OilixiaSkincare, Gua sha Tools31-62
OlikaSkincare (Hand)17.99
Olio E OssoSkincare, Makeup20-140
One Love OrganicsSkincare, Body24-75
Organic Bath Co.Skincare, Body8-36
OSEASkincare, Body, Gua sha Tools, Body Brush18-108
OsmiaBody, Skincare, Fragrance18-150
Ouli's OintmentSkincare20-42
OWA HaircareHair29
Pai SkincareSkincare, Body14-99
Pangea OrganicsSkincare, Body, Makeup (Lip Tint), Essential Oils, Tea8-50
PatykaSkincare, Body11-99
Peet RivkoSkincare10-48
PhlurBody, Fragrance,18-96
PiperWaiBody (Deoderants, Hand Care10-16.99
PipetteSkincare, Body, Baby Products4-22
Plant ApothecarySkincare, Body15-65
Plant PeopleSkincare, Body48.99-69.99
Priti NYCNails13-22.5
Province ApothecarySkincare8-76
Pure ProvinceBody (Soaps)7
PuremaySkincare, Body, Hair25-141
PursomaBody, Skincare7.50-36
PYT BeautyMakeup15-32
Radice ApothecarySkincare70-140
RahuaBody, Hair32-175
RanavatHair, Skincare15-135
Rare ElementsHair38-68
Raw ElementsSkincare (Sunscreen / Sun protection)4.99-19.99
ReverieHair, Fragrance, Hair Brushes, Clothes, Coffe Cup34-120
Rituel de FilleMakeup24-38
RMS BeautyMakeup, Skincare, Supplements, Makeup Brushes16-64
RoutineBody (Deoderant), Skincare21-48
Sade BaronBody24-59
SahajanSkincare, Body, Hair19-70
Saint CosmeticsMakeup20-54
Saint Jane BeautySkincare, Body (Serum), Makeup (Lip)28-125
Salt & Stone Soap Co.Body9-12
SapadillaCleansers, Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Laundry
Sappho New ParadigmMakeup, Makeup Brushes25-54
Shea BrandSkincare, Body, Roll ons9-65
Siam SeasSkincare, Body, Hair25-95
Skin GymSkincare,20-65
SkinOwlSkincare, Body26-88
Snow FoxSkincare, Body, Tools12-82
SoapplyBody (Hand Soaps)25
SoapwallaSkincare, Body9-72
Solara SuncareSkincare16-46
SpacemasksEye Masks
SparitualBody, Skincare (Lip Balm), Nails5-36
SudsatoriumBody, Hair, Skincare (Lips)5-20
Sun PotionSkincare20-160
SuntegritySkincare, Accessories22-78
Susanne KaufmannSkincare, Body, Hair40-305
Tammy FenderSkincare, Body50-235
Taos AERBody (Deoderant)19
Tata HarperSkincare, Body, Makeup, Accessories, Makeup Brushes, Aromatherapy32-450
The Beauty ChefSkincare, Ingestibles17-48
The Body DeliSkincare, Body, Hair, Coffee, Ingestibles, Masks, Brushes, Home Items8-125
The Organic PharmacySkincare, Fragrance, Body, Makeup, Baby Products, Vitamins, Supplements24-193
Therapi Honey SkincareSkincare33-51
Tower 28 BeautyMakeup12-20
TrilogySkincare, Body14.99-58.99
Twelve Natural SkincareSkincare, Body28-227
Type:ABody (Deoderant, Hand Creams)6.99-13.99
UMA OilsSkincare, Body, Incense, Candles, Supplmenets, Tools32-175
Unsun CosmeticsSkincare15.99-29
UpCircleSkincare, Body, Candles, Razor, Bag, Shirt9-32
Ursa MajorSkincare, Hair, Body14-54
VapourMakeup, Makeup Brushes15-60
VeredSkincare, Body, Fragrance58-148
VersedSkincare, Body9.99-21.99
VertlySkincare, Body29-110
Vintner's DaughterSkincare185-225
Violets Are BlueSkincare, Body6-70
Vive SanaSkincare (Sunscreen)55-75
W3LL PEOPLEMakeup, Makeup Brushes14-30
Wabi-Sabi BotanicalsSkincare, Gua sha Tools12-48
WeledaSkincare, Body, Hair, Dental, Baby Products, Supplmenets9.99-29.99
Westman AtelierMakeup, Makeup Brushes38-85
WhamisaSkincare, Body, Hair, Baby Products3-35
Wick WitchBody, Fragrance, Candles, Aromatherapy12-38
WildcraftSkincare, Body14-34
WildistBody (Deoderants), Dental26
WlidlingSkincare, Body, Gua sha Tools14-79
Wyld SkincareSkincare, Body26-39
Y et BeauteMakeup (Lips)32
YUNIBody, Skincare, Hair, Jade Roller, Travel Bags, Essential Oils7.5-35
Zoe OrganicsBody, Baby Products, Nipple Cream, Diaper Cream, Essential Oils8-21.95
Zuzu LuxeMakeup, Makeup Accessories6.95-31.30
ZydermaSkincare, Skincare Tools26-45

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